We are extremely proud of the varied contact centre work we undertake for our clients across very diverse industries, many of whom have now been working with us for 12 years or more.

We specialise in high-volume campaigns and have extensive experience of managing ventures for companies of all sizes and sectors, from SMEs to blue-chips. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients, understanding their needs and talking their language. When it comes to customer service and support, Expolink not only meets its clients’ expectations, it exceeds them.

We never lose sight of the fact that your success is our success. It’s a philosophy that explains why we have a customer retention rate of over 98% and over 60% of our new business comes from referrals from existing clients.

Here’s what just a few of our clients have to say about Expolink’s contact centre solutions.

“We are all delighted with the change to Expolink earlier this year. It feels like an excellent cultural fit with a go-ahead partner as committed to quality as our customers expect us to be.

We’ve noticed higher levels of call answering, higher first-time resolution, higher levels of positive feedback from customers and some really good suggestions from the Expolink team which help us improve our customer communications. I’m looking forward to a very positive 2014 working with Expolink.”

Iain MacDonald, Multichannel Marketing Director, Crew Clothing

“Guardian News and Media have worked with Expolink for a number of years. They provide the customer care line, fulfilment and reporting for the missing sections service.

More recently Expolink have also provided support telephone lines for our Digital Voucher campaigns, dealing with customer queries and then following up by making outgoing support calls to our retail partners. Expolink have also provided an email response service for readers to feedback about recent product changes, again responding and providing reporting.

We work to tight deadlines and often require very quick turnaround times for services, Expolink provide this support. Their established team of staff and positive, flexible approach makes them an excellent partner for us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Robert Rattley, Circulation Manager, Guardian News and Media

“Our contact centre is the most important connection we have with our customers; high quality call management is crucial. We were adamant that the after-hours service would reflect and complement our in-house service.

I made my decision to appoint Expolink only after ensuring that existing clients were happy with their service and that all of the operators are well trained and enthusiastic and this is reflected in the way they handle our calls. I am very happy with our service from Expolink.”

Nick Alderton, Managing Director, Peter Christian Clothing

“We asked for a sales-based call centre that could take external calls and deal with our rapidly expanding database and aggressive recruitment drive and we chose Expolink for this due to their experience and size. We needed to separate our sales and query lines as the sales calls were clogging up our ability to service customers who had already placed orders and needed assistance. Expolink gave us the flexibility to offer a complete 24/7 sales order service which allowed us to leave the order taking to them, letting us build our own in-house customer service team. We could then offer a far more dedicated service to our customers instead of having to limit their ability to enquire due to the amount of sales calls. This put us right in line with our competition.

After trialling the service with Expolink and numerous test calls, within one week we were really happy with how our sales calls were being handled and began to use Expolink as an overflow service; so if our team in here could not answer the sales call during our normal hours, it would spill over to Expolink. We were impressed by Expolink’s professional manner and how they were dealing with calls so we took the decision to switch over completely in the run up to our peak period. This eased the pressure on the in-house query team. Our sales line is now handled in its entirety by Expolink.

The best thing about it is that our customers cannot tell the difference. Orders are taken without hassle and there are always enough operators on hand to take the calls – we really struggled with this in-house. It has also led to us having record takings days in the call centre which were unachievable before – and this is only in our second year of business. This is only going to grow, in fact we expect it will double next year. We know that Expolink can and will cope with this.

Sunday trading is really good for us as we drop recruitment catalogues into various publications where customers will pick up the phone straight away and order from a Sunday paper. Previously, our call centre was unable to be staffed on Sundays and Expolink gave us the ability to take money on days where customers could not previously order when they needed to. The ability to capture the sale there and then has greatly improved both our service and our profit.

The account management from Sharon has been second to none. She is a fantastic person to deal with socially and is incredibly professional; a pleasure to deal with.Thank you Expolink for delivering what you promised.”

Iain Ratcliffe, Commercial Manager, Get The Label

“The Expolink service is enabling us to access more organs for transplantation. The telephone calls involve technical, medical information (on an emotive topic) that must be transmitted quickly and accurately and this is exactly what we are getting with the Expolink team. The staff have not been afraid to ask questions about the terms used so that they are ‘up to speed’ with what is required. Working closely with us and busy consortium staff they have been pleasant and helpful to deal with and we are happy to have them working on our project.”Major UK transplant charity

“Expolink has provided us with a service that we can trust and rely on. Their operators deal with our customers in a consistently professional and helpful manner and make the effort to ensure our brand is represented and the brand tone of voice consistent.

We introduced a new order taking system a while ago and Expolink mastered this very quickly, ensuring comprehensive staff training and that our call lengths are kept down as far as possible. Kelly, our account manager, is always patents and cheerful and we get great campaign feedback.

It is a huge relief to us to know that our customers are in such good hands when they place their orders.”

Mark Ashley Miller, Director, The Present Finder

“I was recommended Expolink Europe’s services by Andrew Wilson, a consultant, and am very happy with his endorsement. From day one, working with Expolink has been a real pleasure, from campaign management and implementation by Hilary to the client care support from Kelly, who really is a ray of sunshine. All the calls are handled professionally, efficiently and with courtesy, a true extension of my own business.”James Audsley, Founder and Managing Director, Forever Amano

“We chose Expolink for their ability to handle large volumes of calls at short notice with a consistently professional approach. From day dot, Expolink really got under the skin of our brand, recognising how important it is for us to maintain our brand identity and loyal customers.

We receive nothing but excellent feedback from our customers and the support from the account management team is fantastic. A sizeable portion of our customer base is 60+ and often hearing impaired and the agents always conduct the calls with patience and sensitivity.

Expolink are an invaluable partner for helping us to meet the needs of our customers and provide the highest standard of customer service possible.”

Tony Dixon, Marketing Manager, Jolliman

“We have been outsourcing with Expolink for ten years now and enjoy an excellent partnership. We are, and always have been, confident that they go the extra mile to really get to know our brand and products. They ensure they understand and help us fulfil our long term goals – it’s a great relationship.

We have been selling strategically into the US for the last 12 months, and are keen to capitalise on that market with specific campaigns. A key part of that is supplying round the clock customer service. Working with Expolink is an extremely effective way of growing our business without having to make further investment in our own resources. We use Live Chat on the website and see Expolink’s contact centre service as complementary to this.

Customer feedback has consistently been great and the account management is first class. We have learnt a great deal from the reports we get, allowing us to hone aspects of the business and respond to changes in the industry.”

Nigel Richards, Managing Director, Brora